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Live digital imagery of what’s happening in our cities

FITS software is a groundbreaking data processing engine that transforms live sensor information into an unparalleled digital view of our environment, creating a real-time assessment of the world around us. Combining highly granular data and the ability to rapidly predict outcomes, FITS enables us to analyze and understand our cities in more detail than ever before. 

Built on 20 years of research

Designed to build efficient, sustainable cities of the future, RSM’s pioneering FITS software was developed by academic experts over two decades at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, with financial support from the EU. After acquiring FITS in 2008, the RSM team set about significantly refining the platform for commercialization. RSM has liaised with futurists and partners, including architects and city planners, construction conglomerates, car manufacturers and media companies, to realize the product’s full potential through licensing and by developing solutions tailored to specific sectors.  

FITS Analytics & FITS Coordination

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FITS live view

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